diane hardin acting coach

"Diane Hardin has made a huge impact on my life. She has the unique ability to teach with a sense of magic. She exudes energy and enthusiasm. She is not just a great teacher, she is an inspiration."

-Jessica Biel

"I have been taking lessons with Diane since I was 7. I have learned a lot but more importantly, have LOADS of fun! You haven't really experienced "The Joy of Acting" until you have performed "emotional family" with Diane! :) She's the best."

-Emma Kenny

"I wouldn't be where I am today without Diane! There is a magical light inside of Diane that she so graciously spreads through her teaching. She is a beautiful and inspiring human being."

-Bailey Noble

"Diane is the kindest person I have ever had the privilege of working with. Everyday I walk away with a greater understanding of acting. She is a true "class act."

-Zac Efron

"Diane has taught me patience, trust and relaxation. I think the closest I have come to genius has been with Diane Hardin."


-Chris Masterson
Malcolm in the Middle


david tom

"What Diane has to offer is priceless. I use her teaching everyday in my career."

-David Tom
Emmy Award Winner 2000
Young and The Restless

allison mack

"Diane Hardin encouraged me to laugh from my toes and color outside all the lines."

-Allison Mack
Opposite Sex

Kellie Martin

"It's rare that a teacher can create a safe and challenging environment The things I learned while studying with Diane Hardin carry through, not only to my acting career but to my life."

-Kellie Martin
Mystery Woman


allison mack

"Diane has taught me to be courageous, humble and how to connect to my character even if its not anything like me. Her classes help you find other sides of yourself you never knew existed!"

-Ryan Malgrini
Freaky Friday
Gary Unmarried


"I have been inspired in my acting by Diane Hardin. She is the most amazing teacher."

-Sydney Lucas

Fun Home 2015


sugar rock